Established in 1954, the coffee roastery Excelsior is located in Trieste, Italy, a town which is well known for its marvellous tradition of coffee roasting. Dr. Armando Gianfré founded Excelsior by converting the department store for coffee and colonial goods, owned by his father, into a pure roastery. Excelsior, like it was and is today, mirrors a traditional family-owned enterprise.

Our coffee is carefully selected and directly imported from the producers. Decades of experience have given Excelsior a unique understanding of the product. The knowledge of the countries of origin along the equator, its typological characteristics, the altering prudent processing, as well as the knowledge of the harvest and selection, allows for a top quality coffee and designates Excelsior‘s unique composition. Up-to-date procedures assure the product‘s persistent high quality and are appreciated by numerous coffee houses and their clients in and around Trieste.

The use of progressive technology in the Excelsior roastery, the prudent dosage of the coffee medley and our long-lasting experience determine the coffee‘s flavour and excellence, which can be retrieved in several exclusive coffee houses.

Every customer of ours is advised and will be familiarised with how to serve a perfect Italian espresso. To assure an ideal quality of Excelsior coffee it is indispensable to use a classical Italian coffee machine with an adequate water preparation mechanism. For the preparation of a perfect espresso we recommend a premium coffee mill by Mazzer Company.